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Navigation Assistance Through Your Social Work Ethical Dilemmas




Build Confidence and Reduce Stress and Anxiety through our Business Strategies:

Proven methods for pillars for Navigating the Social Work Ethics Maze

We provide strategies that build confidence and reduce stress and anxiety for social workers with our proven method for navigating the social work ethics maze.


Utilizing the NASW Code of Ethics, and Ellen’s experience of over 10 years on the Michigan NASW Ethics Committee, we provide ethics consultations with individual social workers and in group settings on an as needed basis. In addition, she is contracted with various clinics to provide this service as well.

Ellen also evaluates social work clinics on social work business practices including their policies, procedures and mission statements. In addition, she works with staff to help improve morale and decrease burnout, stress and conflicts.

Furthermore, Ellen is certified through MI-NASW and provides supervision and mentoring of social workers who have obtained their limited license and are working towards full licensure as clinical social workers in the State of Michigan.


Success Principles for Social Workers

NASW Code of Ethics had been expanded to include more on self-care for social workers.

What does taking 100% responsibility for your self care have to do with social work success?

Reach out for coaching and consulting in this area or book a workshop for your clinic or agency to learn more.

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5 Pillers for Navigating the Social Work Ethics Maze
Success Principles for Social Workers

"I wanted to reach out to thank you for your time.... You have such great knowledge with writing and the Code of Ethics information. I look forward to learning more..." Social Work Ethics Consulting Client March, 2023

"Thank you again for meeting with me - your guidance was invaluable and I really learned a lot throughout the process."

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