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Ellen Craine

Counseling, Consulting and Training

Navigation Assistance Through Your Social Work Ethical Dilemmas

Legal and Ethical Issues with Informed Consent and Telehealth



Workshop Description

This workshop provides an overview of some of the legal and ethical considerations for social workers regarding informed consent in general. The overview will be followed by a discussion of Telehealth and Informed Consent utilizing the NASW Code of Ethics (2020) and keeping federal and state laws in mind. In addition, we will review an Informed Consent Form and a Telehealth Informed Consent form as an addendum to general informed consent. Please bring your questions.


from workshop 2022

Great information

I was very interested in the session and the presenter clearly discussed the topic. I was glad to be able to ask questions ...

She was outstanding

Great handouts and information

Very Impressive

Highly informative and helpful!

The presenter’s style and PowerPoint was engaging and kept me interested.

I really enjoy Ellen’s trainings. She is knowledgeable and does and great job presenting.

The material is very applicable to my daily work and I feel like I learn new things each time that I will use in my daily work.

I enjoyed the presenter and the thorough explanations of the course materials.

The presenter was engaging and knowledgeable and the information felt current and relevant.